Can You Jailbreak iPhone 3GS?

Can you Jailbreak iPhone 3GS on your own? Is it really worth the trouble? Since jailbreaking is not exactly illegal, more and more iPhone 3GS owners are modifying their Apple device to liberate the phones from their default limitations. And with the right tools and knowledge, you could easily tinker with the firmware of your own iPhone 3GS right now.

Here’s what your iPhone 3GS can have should you decide to jailbreak it:

Fully customized animation. In itself, the interface used by iPhones through their iOS is already visually stunning. And with enhanced graphics, especially in between switching screens, you’ll get a much even better display on your iPhone 3GS.

Interchangeable lock screens. We know that the “slide” locking features of Apple’s touch devices are somewhat a trademark for their products. But it’s nice to have something different once in a while. Through jailbreaking, users can customize their lock screens.

Black keyboard for a change. After using the white default keyboard on your iPhone 3GS, who wouldn’t want to try a differently-colored keyboard. You can use black as an alternative.

IOS themes. The good thing about most Androids and symbian-operated smartphones is that they can break the monotony of design. And with a jailbroken device, you can change the appearance of your interface, from customized icons to colorful fonts.

In the end, Jailbreaking your unit is solely your choice. But would you let other people – even though they are experts – tinker with your Apple device for a process that you could easily do? Add to that the fact that you have to pay them for their services. Also, you are not sure if the jailbreaking tools they are using are really risk-free. If you are new to this jailbreaking thing, you will be surprised to know how easy this process could be that even primary school students can do this in a flash. Here I will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone 3GS using a special jailbreak software.

How to Jailbreak the iPhone 3GS with a software

What you need to do is get a copy of the iPhone 3GS jailbreak software. This software should allow your device to have an “untethered” jailbreak and not the tethered one, which is quite a hassle (since you have to reactivate the jailbreak on your iPhone 3GS every time it loses power). Once done, it’s time to connect your iPhone 3GS to the computer using Apple’s data cable. Then, launch the jailbreak software. There is an option that tells you to start the jailbreak process – click on that. This will point you to a set of on-screen instructions which you have to follow in real-time (putting your iPhone 3GS in “Device Firmware Update” mode). When successful, the jailbreak exploit will be installed on your iPhone. It only takes a few minutes, after which the iPhone 3GS will reboot. Browsing the icons on iPhone 3GS, locate the green loader icon to install Cydia. Please note that some of the instructions here can vary depending on your current firmware. And should you decide to undo the jailbreak on your iPhone 3GS, you can do so via the Restore feature on iTunes.

Having a worry-free jailbreaking process

Jailbreaking your iPhone 3GS is perhaps the best thing that you can do for your iOS device. It has so many benefits, including fully customized animation, interchangeable lock screens, new iOS themes and even black colored keyboards. You can actually jailbreak your iPhone 3GS using a software.

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This jailbreak software is quite superior to freeware jailbreaking tools because it can successfully jailbreak units that were unsuccessfully jailbroken earlier. What’s even good about this software is that you don’t have to acquire files like SHSH blobs in order for it to work.

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