How To Jailbreak iPhone 3GS 4.2.1 – Everything Explained

Do you own an iPhone? Would you like to jailbreak it? If you jailbreak your phone, I guarantee that you will be able to do more with it. So how about it, are you interested in how to Jailbreak iPhone 3GS 4.2.1? Or how about other iPhone models or firmware versions?

As long as have a dependable jailbreak program, jailbreaking is a piece of cake, no matter what model or version your iPhone is.

More about jailbreaking

Jailbreak is the slang term used for hacking into an iPhone to allow it to install third party or unapproved apps by Apple by installing Cydia on your phone. Cydia is an installer for third party and unofficial apps.

Jailbreak programs have already come a long way ever since they first appeared and the jailbreak industry has boomed ever since jailbreaking has become legal. Yes, that’s right – it is legal because it does not violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Apple has also confirmed that it is now legal; however, the company does not approve of it.  Jailbreaking encourages people to use free apps or even buy apps from Cydia that compete with own official apps. That simply means that their profits will be affected.

You will automatically lose your phone’s warranty if they found out that your phone has been jailbroken. Don’t worry because if you really need to avail of your warranty, you can just restore your phone’s factory settings before you go to Apple. Their personnel will never know.

There are a lot of jailbreak programs that are safe and reliable. You don’t have to worry about bugs or viruses as long as you choose to download a dependable jailbreak program. What I’m telling you jailbreaking your phone is worth losing your warranty.

The benefits of jailbreaking an iPhone

When you jailbreak your iPhone, you can enjoy an unlimited number of third party apps. Most of them are either free or highly affordable. There’s probably an app for anything you could possibly need or want.

There are mind boggling games, learning games for your kids, challenging and addicting games and more. There are practical and useful apps as well. There are apps for organizing your springboard, managing your files, multitasking, automatically changing your profile settings according to your schedule and so much more. If you want to change your phone’s appearance, create your own themes, add moving backgrounds, change your icons, add a dimming function, then you’re free to do so.

You can even unlock your phone once you have finished jailbreaking it.  There are so many benefits for jailbreaking your iPhone and the list will just go on and on.

Installing a jailbreak program

Before you install a jailbreak program, do some research about the program you are interested in. It should have positive reviews and should have a good reputation. If it is buggy, don’t use it. I suggest that you purchase a commercial program. They are affordable and some even let you use the program for an unlimited number of times. They are also safer and more effective, so it’s really worth it. Once you have downloaded the program, refer to the steps below to install it. The actual steps may be somewhat different because it depends on the program you have downloaded, but it’s basically the same process.

  • Download iOS 4.2.1 and save it on your desktop. If you have updated your phone, then download your phone’s iOS.
  • Connect your phone to your computer and turn it off.
  • Run the program you have just downloaded. It will ask you to select your iOS firmware, so browse for it and then select it. The program will then recognize it.
  • The program will then ask you what you want it to do, click Install Cydia to jailbreak your phone and if you want to unlock your phone, you can also click Install iPad baseband.
  • Just keep on click next until you are asked to place your phone on DFU mode.
  • Follow the instructions carefully so you can successfully enter DFU mode. It’s all about pressing the home and power buttons, so it’s easy.
  • The program will then jailbreak your phone once it is on DFU mode. Just wait until it is done.
  • Once you have found Cydia on your springboard, you can now start enjoying the benefits of jailbreaking your phone.

Using a jailbreak program that works on all iPhones

Do you own multiple iPhones that are of different models and firmware versions? Then use a jailbreak program that allows you to use it multiple times and only pay for a time fee. This program will even work on all iPhones, no matter what the model and/or firmware it is. It even comes with a money back guarantee and a lot of freebies. You can even update it for free. Plus it will even unlock your phone for you.

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An iPhone will never become boring or useless once you jailbreak it. Jailbreaking is legal and safe, so don’t worry. Anyone can do it. So just download a jailbreak program that works on different iPhone models and iOS firmware versions.

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