How To jailbreak iPhone 3GS iOS4 With Ease

Is it possible to jailbreak iPhone 3GS iOS4? When the iOS4 came out, it was touted as the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. A testament to the performance power of this firmware is that it can only be supported by the latest versions of iPhones. This makes the iPhone 3GS running on iOS4 quite harder to jailbreak.

iOS4 Has a Rock-Solid Stability

This cutting-edge mobile firmware is actually based on Mac OS X. Well you can say that it’s a desktop-type of operating system that’s tailor-fitted for mobile devices. Banking on the success of Apple’s series of operating systems for Mac, the iOS4 is quite exceptional because it can manage the power consumption more efficiently, thereby delivering the best possible battery life for your unit – regardless of how often you use your iPhone 3GS. Just look at its multitasking feature and you’ll know how stable this firmware is. Imagine using multiple apps simultaneously without performance lags or abrupt battery depletion. Because of this stability, some jailbreak developers had a hard time looking for exploits for this firmware.

IOS4 provides More Security Features

You can’t blame Apple for fortifying the securities for their mobile devices. After all, a number of iPhone 3GS users have jailbroken their units already. But while it’s more hard work for most iPhone exploit developers, it’s a welcome feature for most iPhone 3GS owners. For one, it runs on a safer environment in which your data from one app could not be accessed by another. Another good security feature is the optional parental control which let’s you set the standards for iTunes purchases mobile web browsing. If that’s not enough, you can also set a passcode lock to prevent other people accessing your phone. And in the event that the iPhone 3GS is stolen or misplaced, a feature called Find my iPhone can help you search for your phone and locate it on an electronic map and even access its data.

So can it be jailbroken or not?

A good jailbreaking software can do just that. And it all start starts with the installation process. Take note that the iOS4 have different versions so it’s important to use a method that’s compatible with the current firmware version you have.

1. If the jailbreak software is compatible with the latest version of the iOS4, update your firmware first before starting the jailbreak process. Otherwise proceed to the next step.

2. Create a backup of all your mobile data on iTunes. One of the downside of having your device jailbroken is that it tends to lose all data after the process has been completed. Open iTunes and create backup. Once you’re done, close iTunes and turn off your iPhone 3GS.

3. Launch the jailbreak software. At this point, you have to make sure that your iPhone 3GS is connected to the PC and is turned off.

4. Following the instructions on the screen. It will prompt you to begin the jailbreak process. Only click on it when you are ready because the following instructions require your full and undivided attention. Think of it as playing an adventure game with a press-button sequence where you have to follow on-screen prompts in real time: hold the power button for two seconds; then hold the home button without releasing the power button for about 10 seconds; release the power button while continuously pressing the home button, do so for 15 seconds.

5. After this, the jailbreak software will automatically install the jailbreak exploit into your phone. When the process is finished, your iPhone 3GS will reboot. You can check if the process was successful by looking for the Cydia icon on your iPhone 3GS home screen (in some cases, it’s the Loader icon that can be seen).

6. You can now restore the backup files you saved on iTunes.

A Powerful Jailbreak Software for the Most Advanced Mobile Operating System

When apple said that the iOS4 is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system, no one dared argue. It has a rock-solid stability on top of great security features. The best way to jailbreak it is through an equally advanced jailbreak software.

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The makers of this software has found a way to work around the fortified security features of the iOS4, thus eliminating the limitations imposed by Apple. The best part of it is that using this software will have no adverse effect on your iPhone 3GS.

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