How To Jailbreak iPhone 3gs OS 4

Do you want to know more about Jailbreak Iphone 3gs OS 4?  If you do, then you have come to right place.  In this article, I will provide you with some insights as to why you should jailbreak your Iphone and the most excellent methods to do it.  So read on – you might benefit from it.

Jailbreak Iphone 3Gs OS 4 – For Better Apps And More Fun

Jailbreaking your Iphone is one of the best things that you can do for your Iphone.  Well, this is if you want to have your gadget to have more features and programs installed in it.

As you may already know, standard Iphones are usually bundled with one exclusive network only.  This means that you are allowed to use only the services of one particular network and nothing else.  If you want to make use of other networks, you must unlock it first.

However, unlocking your Iphone will be impossible if you do not jailbreak your Iphone first.  Hence, jailbreaking is something that you must seriously consider – for added benefits.

Aside from being an indispensable requirement to unlocking, jailbreaking will mean more freedom for you.  This is due to the fact that once you jailbreak your gadget, you will be able to access all the programs and apps that you want – even those that are prohibited or banned by Apple.  Cool, huh?

Here are some jailbreaking methods that you can use:

Jailbreak Iphone 3Gs OS 4 Methods That You Can Avail Of

Jumper Installation

1.    Purchase a jumper.  This jumper is a computer chip that if installed properly, will override the restrictions set by Apple with regards the apps that you can download in your Iphone.  This chip will cost around $100 to $200 depending on the brand that you opt to buy.

2.    Open the Iphone.  Use the proper set of tools when doing this in order to avoid damaging your Iphone.

3.    Place the jumper in your Iphone.  Be careful when doing this.  Wrongfully placing the jumper might cause some irreparable damage to your Iphone, rendering it useless.

4.    Reboot your Iphone.  This will allow your Iphone to detect the jumper that you installed.

5.    Check if the jailbreak was successfully done.  You can do this by downloading Apple-restricted apps and programs.  If you can successfully do this, then the jailbreak worked.  Otherwise, perform the abovementioned steps again.

Note:  This method will involve a special set of technical skills.  These skills will be necessary during the opening of your gadget and the placing of the jumper in the Iphone itself.  Hence, if you do not have these, then it would be best if you decided to go for other methods to use.

Computer Software Installation

1.    Using your Iphone, download a jailbreaking software and an IOS which will be compatible with your gadget and its version.

2.    Using ITunes, download an IPSW firmware file.  Update your Iphone using this file.

3.    Launch the jailbreaking software that you downloaded.

4.    A message box will appear after the launch.  Click on “Install Cydia” and then click Next.

5.    Turn your phone off.  Afterwards, plug your device into your computer.  Click Next.

6.    Put your Iphone into the Device Firmware Update mode or DFU mode.  Do this until the installation begins.

7.    As soon as the jailbreaking is installed, your Iphone will automatically be jailbroken.  Congrats!

Note:  Pick only a reliable jailbreak software.  The better the software is, the faster the jailbreak will be.

Jailbreak Iphone 3Gs OS 4 – Using Computer Software Is The Better Choice

There are numerous jailbreaking software available today.  If you are able to choose the right software, you can rest assured that the jailbreak will be as convenient and as efficient as it should be

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With an excellent computer software, jailbreaking will be no problem at all.

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